Natural Treatment Options for Acne

If there’s something that can scare the hell out of a woman, it’s acne on her face. These things can pop out of nowhere and then it’s practically a nightmare to make them go off your face. But what if you could avoid making them pop in the first place? Good idea, isn’t it? Here are a few ‘acne advice’ tips to keep those unwanted things off your face:

1. Keeping your face clean is the first step to preventing those ugly things from appearing. Wash your face at least twice a day with a good face wash that suits your skin tone. Use a scrub to rinse off the dead cells off your face as well. Dead cells absorb the dirt and make the skin look dull and dry. For better results, scrub off the dead cells first using a good apricot or walnut scrub and then wash them off using face wash. Pat your face dry thereafter.

2. Use a toner once you are through your face wash session. A few drops of the toner (preferably rose) on cotton ball can do wonders to your skin. Wipe your face with the cotton ball and use water to wash your face. Using the toner before and after face wash is a good practice.

3. Moisturize your face using a good moisturizer; moisturizer helps you retain the natural oils that your skin secrets. It keeps your skin soft and glowing. If you have oily skin, you can go for moisturizers specific for your skin type. It’s best to opt for a moisturizer that complements your face wash. This goes well with your skin and helps prevent acne and also helps with the acne treatment.

4. One mistake woman today make is not cleaning their makeup properly. One sure way to avoid acne is to clean your makeup at the end of the day. Take some toner on cotton ball and use it to wipe your makeup off. Follow it with scrubbing and washing your face with a good face wash.

5. Using sunscreen can prevent a horrible outbreak of acne. Sun’s rays can cause inflammation and the skin to turn red. This can lead to blisters, pimples and acne. Try covering your face every time you go out in the sun or take an umbrella with you. Use a good sunscreen that protects your skin from the UV rays.

6. Do not touch your face all the time. Your nails aren’t exactly the cleanest of things, and contain dirt and germs underneath no matter how clean you think they are or no matter how much you manicure them. When you touch your face, the dirt transferred from your hands to your face is enough to cause acne.

7. Keep your hair from falling on your face. Tie your hair in a ponytail or just clip it away from your face. The oil in your hair can ignite a fresh batch of acne to appear on your face. It’s best to avoid the scenario altogether.

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