Sleeping with a clear skin and waking up the next day with a pimple is a nightmare. It becomes more terrifying when it spreads and goes out of control. Accepting acne is difficult – certainly, you are not the only one.

Let us put it this way, facial, body and back acne are our skin’s nemesis. One way or another, we will meet them in our lives. Most of the time, facial, back and body acne appears during our puberty years. Unfortunately, there are cases wherein acne persists until we reach our adult years. For some, they maybe flawless during their teenage years but would end up plagued with acne on back, face or any parts of their body when they reach adulthood.

Indeed, this is a dreary fact, but there’s always a reason why we have acne. Knowing what causes acne can help us understand it, find way to take it out and protect ourselves from future breakouts.


Among the many causes of acne, your raging hormone is actually the primary suspect. Your hormones, more specifically the androgens, cause acne by enlarging your sebaceous glands and increasing sebum production. This is common among teenagers wherein increase hormone production is the norm. Hormonal changes related to the use of oral contraceptives, pregnancy and menstruation can also increase sebum production and lead to acne.


The causes of acne might be the products you are using. They might contain ingredients that clogged your pores and cause acne. Instead of using pore-clogging skin care products, choose ones that are labelled as non-comedogenic. In other words, choose products that would not clog your pores. Also avoid skin product that cause irritation, would thin out your skin and remove your skin’s natural oil and protection. Even when you are choosing facial and body acne treatment or products, make sure they won’t worsen your acne.

Scrubbing and Washing The Wrong Way

A lot of people believe that the more you wash and scrub your skin, the smoother and cleaner it will be. Unfortunately, they are wrong. In reality, too much washing and scrubbing will make things worse. It will lead to dry skin, which causes the skin to produce more sebum just to overcompensate. Furthermore, when you scrub acne on back, face or other areas of your skin, the bacteria that cause acne would spread further; hence, worsening your skin condition.
Watch what you eat

Most of us have heard that facial and body acne might be caused by the food we eat. Although some would discredit this, there are still some research and studies that provide evidence linking food to acne breakouts. Carbohydrates found in starchy and sugary foods can increase the production of sebum, which results to acne breakouts. Antibiotics and hormones found in meats and dairy products can lead to acne to some. Increased iodine levels after consuming seafood and iodized salt has triggered acne breakouts to others. How the skin reacts to what you eat would always vary from person to person.


Be careful of the medications you take. Certain over the counter or prescription medications have side-effects that could alter your body’s hormone production. This leads to facial or back acne breakouts. Medications that contain androgens, corticosteroids and lithium fall to this category. Remember to ask your doctor about possible side-effects before going to the drugstore.


Yeah, you eat healthily, take no prescription medicine and have no hormonal problems but still have acne – then perhaps you are stressed out. Stress greatly affects the hormonal balance in your body. If you are stressed out, your hormonal balance shifts. The body produces more androgens in order to cope up with stress, which then increases sebum production – the main cause of acne.


In order to treat acne, look for products that contain Benzoyl Peroxide, Retinoids, Salicylic Acid as well as other products that can help treat acne and its symptoms. Exfoliate on a regular basis to fight acne and prevent. Always have a spot on treatment ready in case a sudden breakout occurs.

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