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What Makes Pantothenic Acid an Effective Treatment for Acne?

There has been a lot of talk about which treatment is the best in preventing and removing acne. Many try over-the-counter medications and topical solutions, and although most of them are quite effective, some are really expensive and the others have unwanted side effects. While people are still discussing, this article is about an all-natural, effective solution for treating acne – Pantothenic acid.

What is Pantothenic Acid?

Basically, it is vitamin B5 and has long been used to treat acne. What makes it great is that this vitamin can be found in many food items and even if it is taken in large doses, it does not cause harm in the body. Food items that contain vitamin B5 include eggs, avocados, beef, fish, soybeans, mushrooms, whole cereals, whole wheat flour, liver, cashew nuts, yeast, and broccoli.

Pantothenic acid is water soluble, which is its best advantage because any excess intake will be automatically flushed out from the body without causing any harm. According to studies, the fundamental cause of acne can be attributed to the metabolism of the body. When the body lacks Coenzyme A (CoA), it results in poor breakdown of fats that are stored in the sebaceous glands. In turn, this causes an increase of secretion of sebum or oil that eventually causes acne. The body cannot produce vitamin B5 by itself, so it has to be supplied through food that the body consumes. Pantothenic acid for acne is an effective treatment to fight bad skin caused by over secretion of oil.

What Causes Acne?

The bacteria that cause acne feed on the excess oil and they thrive in these conditions. Vitamin B5 helps to improve the metabolism of the body in order to reduce the secretion of oil and this will control acne. Moreover, it is great at minimizing the pores and while it does not help in shrinking the oil glands, it helps the body to have a better breakdown of fats.

Instead of producing Coenzyme A, the body diverts to producing sex hormones during puberty. This is why at this stage in life, people are more prone to acne breakouts. To control an acne breakout, all that is needed is more Coenzyme A through pantothenic acid. This way, the body continues breaking down fats together with producing sex hormones.

Aside from puberty, there are other conditions that lower the supply of vitamin B in the body, including stress, menstrual cycle, lack of sufficient sleep, etc. This causes harm in the metabolism of fats, resulting to acne. Vitamin B5 does not just control acne; it also helps speed up the healing of wounds and scars caused by acne. The vitamin will help the skin become firmer, younger-looking, and smoother. It can be used as ointment or taken orally and it works either way.


The dosage for pantothenic acid for acne differs from one person to another and it also depends on the severity of acne. In general, it is recommended to take around 4 to 12 grams when treating acne. Pantothenic powder is a great alternative if the recommended dosage is quite high.

Around all cures for acne, Pantothenic acid acne cure is by a wide margin known to be the best. Pantothenic acid is essentially Vitamin B5 and individuals experiencing acne talk decidedly energetic about this vitamin supplement for curing acne. Its victory rate for curing acne has been as high as 90%. The excellence of Pantothenic acid is that it is discovered characteristically in generally sustenance things and it doesn’t hurt the form regardless of the possibility that taken in huge dosages. You can higher your admission of Pantothenic acid by incorporating meat, entire wheat flour, fish, eggs, mushrooms, yeast, liver, cashew nuts, broccoli, liver, soybeans, entire grains and avocados in your eating regimen.

The best playing point of pantothenic acid acne is that being water-dissolvable any overabundance admission is immediately flushed out of the figure and accordingly no mischief is carried out. Research has indicated that the main driver of acne untruths in the metabolism of the single person. Any absence of Coenzyme An in the form prompts inadequate breaking down of the fats that get stored in the sebaceous organs of the figure. This in turn expedites an expanded discharge of sebum that eventually reasons acne. Vitamin B5 is not handled by the figure on its own. It should be supplied to the form by the eating regimen you expend. Turn to acne vitamin B5 to battle off acne successfully.

The overabundance oil that is discharged in type of sebum is like a sustenance for the microbes that reason acne and they prosper under such conditions. Pantothenic acid can help in enhancing the form metabolism and in turn lessen the oil discharged and in this manner immediately control your acne. It is additionally superb in decreasing your pores; it doesn’t make the oil organs shrink yet makes a higher softening down of the fat up your physique.

Throughout pubescence the Coenzyme An of the form gets redirected for the processing of sex hormones and that is the excuse for why acne breakouts are more regular in individuals throughout adolescence. All that is requested to control this acne breakout is an included supply of Coenzyme A through Pantothenic acid so that on top of the creation of sex hormones the break down of fats likewise proceeds.

Other than pubescence, there are different conditions like anxiety, a sleeping disorder, absence of sufficient doze, menstrual cycle and so on throughout which the accessibility of Pantothenic acid in the figure goes level and the fat metabolism endures in this manner bringing about acne. Pantothenic acid additionally helps in speedier recuperation of wounds and helps in accelerating the recuperation of the scars abandoned by acne. You might uncover a more youthful, smoother and firmer skin without acne. Vitamin B5 might be taken orally or as a treatment and it works both ways.

The measurements can vary from individual to individual and additionally hinges on upon the degree of acne the individual experiences. Ordinarily dermatologists prescribe anything between 4 mg to 12 mg for handling acne. Then again you might additionally take Pantothenic powder if the measurement suggested is truly high and see the extraordinary outcomes.

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